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Zenji Cafe


Zenji Cafe

Enjoy your freshly prepared food and drinks in a relaxing environment. Ask for the wifi code to use the internet for free.

While away the hours whilst you sit and watch the hustle and bustle of Stone Town life passing by. Donkeys pulling carts laden with all manner of goods, people going about their daily business, passengers hurrying to and from the ferry port and the activities at the local coffee stand opposite the Café.

Come and join us from 8 am to 8 pm daily.

Coffee from Zanzibar island
Here on Zanzibar a good cup of coffee is a must and our staff are professionally barista trained! We serve a blend of fine Arabica coffee from the Highlands of Tanzania and strong Liberica and Robusta coffee from Zanzibar Island. 

Not a coffee drinker? Don’t worry! We also serve different kinds of (herbal) tea, fresh ginger & rmint tea, freshly prepared juices & smoothies, milkshakes and sodas.



Fresh, simple and tasty, that is our motto!

We serve breakfast all day round. Choose between a simple or more filling breakfast with fresh juice, brown & white bread, chocolate cake and delicious jams - all homemade in our kitchens. Add an egg of your choice, tropical fruits and (herbal) tea or espresso coffee/cappuccino and you have a great start to the new day!

Tantalise your taste buds with one of our tasty homemade feta cheese or tuna sandwiches or freshly prepared salads. We have vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, pasta and pizza. 

Something Sweet!
Try our famous brownies or cake of the day - always nice with a scoop of ice cream on the side. Sinfully delicious and too good to refuse!

We also do takeaways.


Zenji Boutique

We love locally made products

Zenji promotes and encourages products made by local craftsmen and -women from Tanzania. Knowing that many souvenir shops import their goods from outside Tanzania, Zenji Boutique felt the need to focus only on locally produced handicrafts.

Stroll around in a relaxing atmosphere and look through our range of gifts. You don’t need to bargain or worry; the prices in our shop are fixed. This way we can ensure fair prices are paid to the artisans. 

At the boutique you can see the newest collection of Chako's upcycled glass collection, paper bead curtains and bags made out of old dhow sail from the fishermen. Chako is a recycle workplace in Zanzibar that makes new products out of waste. Chako helps keeping Zanzibar clean, focuses on empowering women and unemployed youth by providing training and making sure they receive a fair income. We at Zenji like this and support Chako as much as we can! Chako is the very first company in Zanzibar being a Fair Trade guaranteed member. 

Empowering local craftspeople

Many souvenir shops on the island import their goods from outside Zanzibar and Tanzania (e.g. from Indonesia, India and Vietnam). One of the reasons for this is the belief that it is difficult to find affordable, quality products suitable for the Western tourist in Zanzibar.

We have found that Tanzania, and especially Zanzibar, have a variety of crafts, many hand-made and therefore unique and often very beautiful. By selling and promoting the local products, craftsmen and -women in Tanzania are able to make a sustainable income.

The boutique sells products from small local companies such as Womencraft (handwoven baskets, placemats), World of Weaving (handwoven cotton throws, scarves and bags), Seaweed Centre (soaps and scrubs), Moyo (recycled billboard baskets) and Chako (recycled jars, lamps, candle holders and drinking glasses, paper beads curtains and bags made out of dhow sail).

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