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In the middle of bustling Stone Town, within walking distance from the harbour and other highlights of Stone Town, Zenji Hotel opened its doors to welcome guests from all over the world in October 2008.  

Best of both worlds

The hotel is owned by a Zanzibarian-Dutch couple that integrates the best of both cultures, with traditional Zanzibarian details but with Western comfort.

Local community

We believe that tourism can help fighting poverty. That's why we involve local community where ever possible: the furniture and handicrafts in the rooms are created by Zanzibarian craftsmen. The fruits and vegetables are bought at local markets and homemade by our chef. 

Zenji Team

The whole Zenji Team consists of 28 people. As work is an important part of life, where many hours are spent, the staff makes the most of their opportunities, showing a genuine interest for our international guests and their stories.

Zenji Garden Cafe

Visit the famous Forodhani Gardens and relax at the terrace of Zenji Garden Cafe. While sipping on your drink, overlook the Indian Ocean and enjoy the beautiful and relaxing scenery this park has to offer.

Wake up in the morning with a freshly prepared breakfast, take time out and rest during the day with a refreshing smoothy, snack or lunch and watch the local people meet during the evening time. As the light of the sun changes during the day, the atmosphere is different every time, but always casual and friendly.

Zenji Garden Cafe invites you for a cold soda, milkshake, fresh fruit juices & smoothies, espresso/cappuccino, homemade brownie (with ice-cream) or another bite, lunch and pizza from morning to evening!

Zenji Zanzibar Foundation

With its beautiful white beaches and rich Swahili culture, Zanzibar attracts travellers from all over the world.

Zenji Zanzibar is the overall name for our projects and initiatives that promote, protect and develop the tourism industry of Zanzibar in an effective way, with the aim to improve the life of the local people.

Zenji Zanzibar believes in the strength of people: the strength and belief to take their lives in their own hands to create a better future. The projects of Zenji Zanzibar aim to create direct and indirect income for the rural local community by stimulating local entrepreneurship, encouraging tourists to participate in local tours and buying locally produced gifts. The local staff and entrepreneurs receive training on the job. Zenji Zanzibar works together with local organisations, NGO's, private companies, educational institutions and enthusiastic and motivated persons.

Zenji Zanzibar is a 100% locally owned organization.

Zenji Team

The owners (Mani & Anneloes) of Zenji met in Zanzibar in 1998. In 2000 they moved to The Netherlands where they started a family. In 2008 they decided to chase their dreams and moved with their two children to Zanzibar. They started to operate under the name Zenji Zanzibar. The idea behind Zenji Zanzibar is to set-up several projects with the involvement of local people. They started with Zenji Hotel, followed by Zenji Cafe & Boutique and Zenji Garden Cafe. They feel that a good base where guests feel at home, safe and comfortable, is very important, but it is the Zenji Team that makes the difference.

The team makes our guests feel welcome with small gestures such as flowers on the bed and extra attention and explanation when needed. The members of the team are all very enthusiastic to work, but do not all speak fluent English. We ask our guests therefore to have patience. At the same time we improve their skills and chances in life with English lessons and training on the job.