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Free airport transfer for every direct booking

Free city tour with direct booking of minimum of 3 nights in a row

Zenji Hotel has 9 rooms. Every room has a different atmosphere referring to the rich Zanzibar heritage and culture but all with Western comfort. Each room has a celing fan and air conditioning. Depending on your taste and choice you can choose between a more spacious suite room, a double room ensuite, a room with shared bathroom or a room with a private bathroom on the corridor. The rooms in the front of the hotel (Room of Wonder, Treasure Chamber -both first floor- and 1001 Nights -second floor) offer a nice view of the local life of the Zanzibarians. If you prefer a more quiet room we suggest the rooms in the back of the hotel: 'Sense of Jasmine' and 'Spice Corner'.

The Roof Top Cafe offers a nice view over Stone Town and the harbour, especially during sunset. Here you can relax, read a book, play a game or keep in touch with friends and family using our free wireless internet facility. Breakfast is served at the rooftop

Zenji Hotel - Suite Balcony - Ensuite

Suite Balcony - Ensuite

Book direct with us and receive a free airport transfer

Book 3 nights in a row direct with us and receive a free city tour 

Our spacious en-suite rooms refer to the ancient time when the Arabs praised the island's ample, fresh water supply and friendly inhabitants, naming the whole East African coast Zinj el Barr - ‘land of the black people'.

For Zenji Hotel this refers to the rich traditional culture of the local habitants of Zanzibar.

Go back to the times when Zanzibar was governed by different sultans. Dream of Arabic tales, about sultans and princesses between shining ornaments and tints of gold...

We have 2 suite rooms. Each suite room has a balcony.

Zenji Hotel - Double Room - Ensuite

Double Room - Ensuite

Free airport transfer

Free city tour when staying for a minimum of 3 nights in a row

Zanzibar is known as Spice Island. Peppers, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are some of the many spices found on the island. For the people of Zanzibar, spices and useful plants are a vital part of everyday life and a rich element in the island's strong and vibrant culture. The tropical climate of Zanzibar makes it the perfect place for exotic flowers and fruits to grow. Jasmine is an exotic and aromatic smelling flower that grows in Zanzibar. It is used during traditional ceremonies such as marriage.

'House of Wonder' was built by Sultan Bargash in 1883. It was the first building in East Africa having both electricity and running water. A miracle (wonder) in those days. 'House of Wonder' is nowadays called the Museum of Culture.

We have 4 rooms with bathroom inside the room.

Zenji Hotel - Double Room - Private bathroom

Double Room - Private bathroom

Free airport transfer

Free city tour when staying for a minimum of 3 nights in a row

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, different lifestyles, music and food Zanzibar has to offer. Listen to Taarab Music one night and dance to the beats of Zenji flavour on another.

We have one room with a private bathroom on the corridor. This room has a balcony on the side of the hotel.

Zenji Hotel - Double Room - Shared bathroom

Double Room - Shared bathroom

Zanzibar is famous for all kinds of treasures, from ancient trade treasures to cultural or natural treasures.

One of the traditional items of clothing worn by Swahili-women is the Kanga. Kanga's come in different patterns and each Kanga tells its' own story.

We have 2 rooms that share the bathroom on the corridor. 


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